Reptile Survey – Mitigation for Reptiles

Reptile Survey

Although six species of reptile are native to the UK, it is generally only adder (Vipera berus), common lizard (Zootoca vivipara), grass snake (Natrix natrix) and slow worm (Anguis fragilis) that are commonly a consideration in planning applications and development projects. All of these species of reptile are legally protected from deliberate, intentional or reckless killing and injuring, with additional protection provided to more endangered species of reptile.

Reptile survey work is seasonally constrained by their life cycle, since reptiles are only active for part of the year (circa March – October), hibernating during the winter months, when it is not possible to survey for reptiles.

GreenLink Ecology Ltd. has substantial experience of conducting reptile surveys throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London and implementing reptile mitigation strategies, including the installation of exclusion fencing, trapping/translocation and destructive searches.