GreenLink Ecology – Professional Ecological Consultancy

GreenLink Ecology Ltd

A well established ecological consultancy operating throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London with an excellent reputation for delivering pragmatic ecological and arboricultural solutions, managing projects through the full life-cycle, on time and within budget

Ecological Appraisal

Our ecology reports make pragmatic recommendations for ecological survey work and mitigation measures in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London, to comply with legislation and policy.

Mitigation and Licensing

We have substantial experience in the preparation of documentation to support mitigation licence applications for sites in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London, with a 100% success rate.

Bat Surveys

We employ Natural England bat licence holders who are able to undertake bat survey work in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London, apply for bat licences and implement mitigation strategies.

Reptile Surveys

We have substantial experience in conducting reptile surveys and implementing mitigation strategies throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex, including exclusion fencing, trapping and destructive searches.

Arboricultural Assessment

Where development projects occur in proximity to trees, baseline arboricultural information is required in order to follow best practice guidance, as provided in British Standard (BS) 5837:2012 (trees)

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to development that aims to leave nature in a measurably better state than beforehand. This is increasingly required by Local Planning Authorities when considering planning applications.