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Bat Survey - Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA)

Bats can be a consideration in planning applications and development projects, especially in rural and suburban Kent, Surrey and Sussex, since some species of bat use buildings/trees in which to roost and are therefore vulnerable to impacts. Bats and the places they use to roost are provided full legal protection and it is an offence to kill, injure, or disturb bats and to damage, destroy or obstruct access to bat habitats.

Surveying for bats is seasonally constrained by their life cycle, since bats are only active for part of the year (circa April – September), hibernating during the winter months.

GreenLink Ecology Ltd. employs Natural England bat licence holders who are able to undertake preliminary roost assessments (PRA) and roost characterisation surveys  throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London, apply for development licences and implement mitigation strategies.