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Defra has recently published the results of an investigation into the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect the presence of Great Crested Newt (GCN) in water bodies. On the basis of this study Natural England will now accept eDNA test results as evidence of presence or absence of GCN for licence applications.

Key information to note includes:

  • eDNA can have a better rate of GCN detection (99%) than a combination of conventional survey techniques ((95%);
  • It will detect GCN presence or absence within a water body up to 7 – 21 days after newts utilising it;
  • It requires 1 day time visit to each water body but the visit must be targeted when GCN are likely to be present in water bodies in the area (which may change on a yearly basis depending on local / regional conditions); and
  • The technique will not provide population size class assessments and therefore, should a population size class assessment be required to inform an EPS icence application, 6 survey visits will still be required using conventional survey methods, in accordance with current recommendations within the “Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines, 2001”.

GreenLink is a forward thinking company that take our commercial concerns as a developer into account without compromising on protecting the existing ecology. They are enthusiastic, punctual and thorough in all the work they do for us

“We have worked with GreenLink Ecology on several housing projects and will continue to use their expertise for future projects, as they are efficient in providing a clear outline of the conditions on the site, the key issues and how to move forward to resolve them.” 

“With the planning emphasis on legally protected species and requirement to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes, it is important to employ a pragmatic consultant who can work through the legislative maze and whose opinion holds weight with the Local Authorities. GreenLinks’ level of expertise has been invaluable to us”

“We have been using GreenLink to provide ecology advice in relation to development projects for over eight years and continue to find their advice and approach to be both robust and focused. Their work is always thorough and importantly their explanation of survey requirements to clients is clear and concise. Based on our experiences to date I have no hesitation in recommending their services” 

“We have worked with GreenLink Ecology on many Code for Sustainable Homes projects in Sevenoaks since 2010 and have found the service to be competitively priced and efficient” 

“Offset Architects have worked with Marcus at GreenLink Ecology on a number of projects and we really appreciate his proactive and efficient approach to the information required. Ecology can often be quite a confusing and lengthy subject for our clients and Marcus deals with this in a polite and thorough nature, which is why we hope to continue working with GreenLink and Marcus in the future”

“I found your service responsive and your delivery efficient. I would certainly use you again in future” 

“GreenLink Ecology is a knowledgeable, friendly organisation with approachable staff who are always willing to work with clients to achieve goals and deadlines. I have always found them a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend” 

“GreenLink Ecology have a conscientious and pragmatic approach, which not only means that we have complete confidence in them, but also the reassurance of their full understanding of all the perspectives relating to ecology. Ecology? Job done”